Thursday, November 29, 2012


It's been one of his very favourites since his earliest days of eating. Naturally!
(He was happily showing me the tasty half-chewed cheese in his mouth but reached out to grab my phone as I was snapping the picture.)

Cheese-tasting at Witches Chase, Mt Tamborine.

We came here (winery, brewery, cheese factory) when I was pregnant, on our 'We don't have a baby yet" weekend, when I wasn't really eating soft cheese or drinking wine, which was a bit of a silly excursion decision. Thank heavens for hard cheese and a cup of tea. 

Came here again last weekend with no baby growing in my belly and therefore no cheese-tasting/buying restrictions. However I honestly find it quite overwhelming to be presented with THAT many options. But I can deal with it. I've become very mature. I take my time and collect as much information as I need to feel comfortable. There is always a happy ending to cheese-tasting stories.