Monday, November 7, 2016


  He prepared her birthday breakfast without any help - a combo of 2 types of cereal, milk, yoghurt and banana. And he helped to make and decorate her cupcakes (as she promptly removed and tasted the decorations).


On her actual birthday she had a visit from her auntie, an evening celebration at our regular family/friend dinner (the dress-up theme was 'undies on heads', her current favourite fashion statement) and even had a friend sleep over (since she and he now share a room, their friend slept on a mattress between them - a hilariously chatty night)! She also celebrated with playgroup friends during the week. That's a lot of cake!
The green legs happened a few days later - the day we let her nap in his bed (where it's easy to access crayons and markers) instead of her cot. Whoopsie.

I realised I hadn't blogged this momentous event yet, only a few weeks late. My little 2-year-old is such a treasure. Cheeky, sweet, creative, brave, hilarious and affectionate.

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