Thursday, May 5, 2016

bathroom redecorating

 I never actually see him do it, but, after we turn over the bathroom calendar page to each new month, throughout the following 4 weeks, the page gradually becomes more and more beautiful and unique! He gives us extra days or events and often includes speech bubbles or other additions to the existing artwork. It's hilarious and I love noticing it evolve. I really hope this lasts for many, many more calendars. Until he learns to forge my handwriting and actually succeeds at altering our plans.
He's already made a good start on May.

Oh, it flows off the roll so beautifully, with just one little tug - how can this not be toilet paper's intended purpose?

 I've been on the lookout for an unsmashable - but still pretty - soap dish (after two ceramic casualties this year), and finally found this little teapot (currently known around here as a "pea-tot") this week, which seems to do the job - though I have to cut our soaps in half to fit!

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