Sunday, April 19, 2015

getting messy, getting clean

Painting his box car, painting his hand. Washing it off in the sprinkler! 
This was also an incredibly successful playing afternoon for these two boys who love each other but don't always show it! Yesterday they painted and played and splashed and squealed happily for AGES! Just happy, that's all!


First sprinkler play and first taste of banana smoothie!

Due to the gradual disintegration of our kitchen storage (shelves disintegrating and doors falling off), the cupboard contents have spent many months on bunk beds in the study. I've been getting increasingly frustrated each time I'm looking for a lunchbox, mixing bowl, keep cup... We are planning to get it all replaced sometime. Sometime! BUT this weekend, B put in an interim shelf, and I spent a couple of hours sorting and culling and organising. Cupboards are still ugly but at least they are functional!

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