Friday, April 10, 2015

easter 2015

- Prepared by making hot crossed buns to share, decorating boxes to give as gifts and painting butterfly cards to send to Adelaide.
- Played with beloved rellies (and their beloved toys) in Toowoomba.
- Had a sleepover in Pa's study/office, and announced unequivocally that this was the right time to stop wearing night nappies.
- Hunted for Easter eggs in the garden with his cousin.
- Saw a real rabbit hopping in Nanma & Pa's yard (but was adamant that it was not the Easter Bunny because it wasn't wearing clothes or standing up straight on two legs, so must have been Easter Bunny's baby).

- Spent most of the weekend gazing adoringly (and sometimes a little suspiciously) at her Pa. 
- Ate (i.e. sucked on) her first foods! Cucumber, avocado, toast...
- Wore wintery clothes for the first time.
- Played with her brother's hanging feet while having a little kick on the carpet at Nanma & Pa's church on Easter Sunday morning. 
- Had her first proper snotty nose, poor cherub, but managed to smile and enjoy all of the attention and entertainment.

- Relaxed at the annual Good Friday picnic, which relocated to a friend's gorgeous house due to wet wet wet weather.
- Was thoroughly relieved to have lovely, happy car trips from Brisbane to Toowoomba and back again.
- Had fun implementing our family's Easter traditions.
- Enjoyed a pub dinner with good friends.
- Had a sugar-free (fructose-free) Easter. (I still received some awesome thoughtful Easter-egg-ish presents. One has a chocolaty taste, the other has an Easter egg shape!)

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