Thursday, April 30, 2015



His passion for drawing continues! Yay! I was sad when the rain washed away the results of his first frenzied huge chalk drawing session, but now that I know he'll keep doing it, it's exciting when he gets his big blank canvas again. Also, it doesn't rain very often. The pictures show his octopus phase, then his 'turtles swimming around a kangaroo'. The next day he woke up and started drawing flying giraffes, which he had just been dreaming about.


She had her first experience with a crayon this morning! She thought it was delicious (luckily it was non-toxic...).

I recently heard a story on Radio National about the neuroscience behind colouring-in for grown-ups. Apparently everyone is doing it, but I'm usually the last to know what everyone is doing! I accidentally bought myself a book of postcards to colour, it's been quite fun!
 I have also been inspired to do some of my own drawing while he's doing his. This inspiration is yet to be acted upon, however! It's a nice thought...


  1. His drawings are just beautiful! Now you have photos to remember them by. E likes to bring her crayons to her mouth and say 'ah-uh' while glancing cheekilly at me. Or lick them while glancing cheekily at me. She does the same with rocks and other things found on the ground. x

  2. P.S. Look up Lisa Congdon - she has awesome looking colouring books. You'll have to fill me in more on the nueroscience (I am further behind than you) as I need an excuse to buy them all.

    1. Oh thanks! I'm now a big Lisa Congden fan! How lovely. You totally don't need an excuse, buy them ALL!!!

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