Sunday, December 7, 2014


 I rarely see him actually working on his skin art, but I always see the finished result, since it lasts for days!

People often comment on how dark she is, olive skin, brown hair and eyebrows - especially if they've only met He (blondie) and Me (freckly). We think she takes after her Auntie, B's sister, with that gorgeous mediterranean complexion!

After making it a new year's resolution for MANY years now, I finally stopped procrastinating and booked myself a skin check! I walk right past the Melanoma Centre ALL the time - it's on the corner of his daycare street, on my jogging route, on the way to pretty much everywhere we ever go. I got an evening appointment, which meant that B could have both kidlets for a couple of hours after work. All good! The doctor burned off two spots - one on my leg and one on my nose - and then spent some time teaching me what to look for. We even got to play a game (I love games!) where he showed me a series of pictures of skin and I had to spot the melanomas.

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