Monday, November 3, 2014



His dinosaur costume came together at the last minute - finished off satisfyingly when we stuck sharp teeth to a frog beanie. I refused to get it organised ahead of time as he kept changing his mind about what he wanted to be! 

She slept the entire time. Of course. Party animal.

I was keen to do something a little less chaotic this year, even though I have - in recent years - embraced and thoroughly enjoyed the community/fun aspects of Halloween. We made a plan with a small group of neighbourhood families who have very little kiddies. We met at a friend's place on top of our hill, ate, drank, chatted, relaxed and played, then set off for a very short neighbourhood walk. We knocked on 8 doors, collected treats, and were all done by about 7pm! My kind of party. I had such a nice time, wandering around with friends and family, watching the lovely interactions between the tiny gang and the friendly folk who had prepared treats.

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