Thursday, November 27, 2014


(Note: Photos do not relate to the following conversation!)

He: I put it in my nostril.
Me: What did you put in your nostril?
He: A pepita.
Me: A pepita. Hmmm... A real one, or pretend?
He: A real one.
Me: Is it still in there or is it already out?
He: It's still in there.

Sometimes he seems so clever. And then he pushes a pumpkin seed so far up his nose that I can't see it. This little tale did, eventually, end well, but I still didn't have the presence of mind to snap a photo for the blog (so I've included some cute pictures of him with a good pal, happily grubby at the park recently).

She met one of our neighbourhood friends for the first time and had the most wonderful, animated chat! These photos capture just the end of their conversation, but it lasted for ages!

One of my very favourite things is taking a neighbourhood stroll, hand in hand, and having a chat. Lately it is often one-sided, with him delivering a monologue (completely in character for whichever identity he has assumed that day - Wally, Dorothy, Lisa Loeb, Cat in the Hat, clownfish, Lady Doctor, cheeky monkey) or me singing whatever he's requested.

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