Sunday, October 26, 2014

new set of wheels

"It's a racing car but it doesn't have a spoiler on the back." 
This picture shows the work in progress. After this, it got more buttons/dials, headlights and a working stereo. Of course, once the stereo was installed, he parked the car, lay flat inside it and listened to the music for about an hour...

Not actually new wheels, but new for her! We bought a 2nd-hand double pram a while back, and have been making very good use of the extra storage space ever since, particularly on our weekly trips to the markets. On Sunday she persuaded us, with her cuteness, to give up the space and include her on our walk to the markets. Here's a picture of her first pram ride, she slept for the entire outing. I'm also including a picture of one of her first car rides, because I think she looks hilarious all buckled in snugly!