Friday, October 3, 2014



  This time, he flew on a plane to Nepal with his daycare friends. He was still talking about Mt Everest when he came home in the afternoon! Although his cheesy camera smiles are kind of funny, I was pleasantly surprised to capture them as it's difficult to get anything other than his favourite 'funny face' when he knows a picture is being taken lately (you'll know it if you scroll through recent blog posts).


  Much like the daycare 'visit' to the USA on Monday, I also organised a Nepal morning this week. Exhausting, and ridiculous timing for me, but I did receive a stunning 'thank you' card, and I really appreciated the extra insight into his room/teachers/routines/classmates. I also enjoyed the opportunity to reminisce about my Nepal days while I was planning/preparing. 

The daycare trip to Nepal included:
- Flying on the plane and being greeted with a 'namaste', a cup of chai (milk/honey/spices) and a bindi.
- A photo slide show (mainly cute animals which I encountered during my time in Nepal, but there was at least one photo that related to each planned activity).
- Bangle-making (and trying on my authentic bangles).
- Making patterns/mandalas with dried legumes.
- Printing patterns on prayer flags (which Granny very generously sewed 15 sets of with my scrap fabric while she was here on the weekend!).
- Dress ups and dancing to Nepali/Indian music.
- Putting on backpacks, beanies and scarves and going for a 'trek' up Mt Everest!