Wednesday, September 10, 2014

watching movies

He's been deprived of TV for his life so far, but on the weekend he was allowed to watch a whole movie! Lucky boy. Our friend had been given a data projector for her birthday, so we went to their place for Saturday dinner and a movie on the big screen (sheet hanging on the deck). He was completely enthralled for the whole time! I'm pleased that his first ever movie was 'The Wizard of Oz'!.
He: (on arriving home late that night) "I want Dorothy to come to my place and read me stories!"
Me: (on wake up the next morning) "Morning! Time to do your 'wake-up wee' ".
He: "But we're off to see the Wizard!"
He continues to talk about different parts of the movie (always Dorothy) at random times during the day: "Dorothy just wanted to go home." "Dorothy was sad when she lost her little dog." "Dorothy wanted to lie down and sleep in the flowers."

I'm finding it hard to fall asleep if/when I wake up during the night. If it's been over an hour I get up and try sleeping on the couch, with a movie to keep me company. Far less depressing than lying awake in bed. Last night I got up at 3am and watched the beautiful movie, 'Once'. Twice!