Friday, April 11, 2014


A few weeks ago, we were out the front of our house, waving 'goodbye' to some friends who had popped in. As they drove away, he declared, "I'm going to put some pants on, and I'm going to Toowoomba," and began marching up the street (clearly, the 'pants on' wasn't as crucial as the 'going'). 
The following weekend, he had invitations to THREE different birthday parties! What fun! BUT when he woke up on the Saturday, he was far too snotty to take along to the pirate-themed gathering of one-year-olds that morning. We asked him what he'd like to do instead, and he announced, "I'm going to Toowoomba!" So he called his Nanma on the phone to ask her. It was the loveliest day trip! Sitting in the car, chatting and singing songs, isn't a bad way to spend a few hours when you're snotty. He had lovely playtime and reading-time with his grandparents (pictured chatting with Nanma in the back yard).
And the next day he was sufficiently de-snotted to attend the other 2 parties!

I was allowed to stop at ONE Toowoomba op shop on the way through town. It was a good one! It was also across the road from a construction site with numerous excavators and other wonderful things to watch, and near a playground. Perfect.