Tuesday, February 25, 2014

back to work

He helped me shop for a couple of new work shirts. He tried on every bangle at the shop. All at once.

I have courageously re-entered the grown-up world, one day a week. I started back at work last Monday, and yesterday was my second day. I'll be working on a couple of interesting projects, so it's been pretty fun so far. The teachers have all signed up for a pedometer challenge - part of a workplace health/safety initiative, or something. Not one to pass up a game, I joined my friends' team and bought a pedometer. Sometimes I even remember to wear it. I probably shouldn't have remembered to wear it last Wednesday, when I went for a swim, with my new flippers. Thankfully, we took it apart and it magically started working again the next day, so I'm back to counting steps! Ten thousand a day, here I come...