Monday, January 20, 2014

5-minute icecream

 He was confused and excited when we started shaking and throwing a very cold formula tin around the lounge room. And, largely deprived of desserts for the majority of his two years of life, he could NOT believe his luck when we opened the tin, gave him a spoon and let him dig in with the rest of us.

I have a new Ice Cream Friend. An old friend, but the title is new. She came for lunch last week, and we decided to be terribly decadent (and a teeny bit lazy) and begin with the fresh, homemade chai ice cream which she had, minutes ago, finished whipping up in a borrowed machine at her place, rather than preparing and eating a salad first. Obviously, we didn't get around to the salad. At dinnertime (we did also eat curry) we tried something ice creamy she'd recently read about. We put milk, vanilla and sugar in a zip-lock bag, put it into a big tin of ice and salt, and threw it back and forth for 5 minutes. We were still skeptical - and pleased that it had, at least, provided a fun game - until we opened it! Amazing! Just like real, proper, grown-up ice cream!

We plan to do this regularly, once he's a little bigger!