Wednesday, December 18, 2013

team amanda success

 The industrious 2nd generation of "Team Amanda". 

We have some beautiful friends in Toowoomba. Not so far away, but it is always so difficult to find windows of shared available time between two busy families. Ten years ago, well before any little boys arrived in our families, we traveled together through Cambodia and Vietnam. We named ourselves "Team Amanda" after someone rode past us with a shirt that said, boldly, "I'm on Amanda's Team", just as we were looking for a team name. Perfect. The trip was incredible (the photo is just before sunrise at Angkor Wat) and we had grand plans of frequent, spontaneous "Team Amanda" catch-ups, where we'd get in our cars, drive until we met each other, and find the nearest eating venue. It was a great plan but it never actually happened. Also, there's not so many eating venue options half-way between our houses... These days, when we realise it's been too long since we've played together, we catch each other on skype, open our calendars and exchange ideas until we find a weekend that suits both families. Then we cross our fingers and hope that nothing foils our plans! Last weekend, it worked!