Thursday, December 26, 2013

brown dog cafe & gabba antiques


 He thinks the cafe is awesome, especially if we get the right table (that has a drawer full of cars) - which we did this week! He also spent some time sitting at another table, colouring in with a girl and her mum. 
At our next stop, he was thoroughly happy to entertain himself while we tried on dresses. I can't help but think that the toy house was strategically placed nearby for just this reason.
Oh, and he was singing "Here Comes The Sun" over and over throughout the morning!


I love school holidays! This is because I get to play with teacher friends who are, during school terms, completely swallowed up by their work. I remember those days...! Our morning started out at the Brown Dog cafe, one of our regular holiday meeting points, with the best breakfast in Brisbane and a great chai, before we strolled to the Gabba Antique Centre and found a huge assortment of amazing dresses. So we bought each other Christmas presents...