Monday, November 11, 2013

self control

It may be that he just wasn't hungry (doubtful), or that he knew he was being watched (doesn't usually bother him), or that he doesn't really know what cake is (probably), or maybe it just looked a bit scary (likely), or it may have been out of respect for the birthday girl (hmmm), but I like to think it was his prodigious self control. At his special friend's 2nd birthday party, he kept his hands (and mouth) away from this beautiful birthday cake, which was resting enticingly at toddler-height, while he stood close to inspect it for quite an extended staring-session.

EVERYTHING at the Saint Veronica's Thrift Shop is $2 (and under) this week, as they are trying to clear the store to close for renovations. I demonstrated incredible self control and only bought 10 things. And none were for me...