Thursday, November 28, 2013

my market stall

He scored pretty well out of the market, particularly as it was quiet enough for me to poke around at all the 2nd-hand stalls. On my "I'm-allowed-to-buy-this-if-I-see-it-second-hand-no-matter-what" list was "Mr/Mrs Potato Head", as he has been LOVING the (one-armed) Mr that I bought at the suitcase rummage a few weeks ago. Well... I came home with SIX mini potato heads, which have been a total hit with him and his sister-friends who were staying with us. It's the sort of toy that we grown-ups (just quietly) quite enjoy, too! I also bought some gorgeous wooden blocks, etc, to add to our stash (which now looks a lot prettier). And, what household is complete without Twister in the games cupboard?!


I registered a table at the Rosalie Bubs & Kids Market, to sell my upcycled goodies. I was a bit nervous, but I put on a bright green spotty dress and colourful jewellery and embraced the role. I really enjoyed it. I had a number of friends drop by for a chat, and my beautiful pal (pictured) and her tiny baby kept me company for a big chunk of the afternoon. AND they bought me a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing! It turned out to be an incredibly quiet event (probably due to weird, stormy weather and another BIG crafty market happening nearby on the same day). Regardless, I made a bit of pocket money, spent a bit of pocket money, got some lovely feedback and had wonderful chats with other stall holders. One is starting a French Rhyme Time next year, which we'll check out, another offered me a swap (a print of her art for my guitar picks - I think I got the better end of the deal!), and another offered to get me wholesale prices for sewing gear. I call that a success!