Wednesday, October 30, 2013

national garage sale trail

He loved it even before he found out that it LIGHTS UP and has a SWITCH to turn on and off!

A couple of years ago, our household registered our rummage sale as part of the National Garage Sale Trail. It was fun. As well as the 2nd-hand goodies we wanted to get rid of, we baked cupcakes and gave away cups of iced tea (or fruit punch... can't remember) to anyone who did a trick, sang a song or told a joke. It was fun! Didn't sell all that much... 
This year, instead of driving around to garage sales, we rode our bikes up to the suitcase rummage at South Bank, which was part of the trail. It was an excellent source of treasures! Clearly I hadn't intended to buy as much as I did (I only had my bike for transport), but ended up juggling quite a load for the ride home.
(Oh yes, that's Junior Pictionary! I also got Battleships and Mr Potato head...)