Monday, October 21, 2013

"Eat Local, Feed Global" garden party


 Photo 1: He got started in the sandpit when his first friend arrived! He had a few of his good friends at the party, and some of his favourite 'big' kids to watch adoringly as the afternoon/evening rolled on.
Photo 2: Leading up to the weekend, he helped me with the seedlings! He thought they were incredibly interesting, and although he was convinced that they must be lifted and carried around, he was quite careful.


 I  wanted to give people gifts to take home. I had a few ideas, but decided on:
- Yogurt starters for making at home, with instructions/info/ideas ('Caspian Sea' yogurt, the easiest to make!) 
- Tomato seedlings (which had popped up all over our garden)

We hosted the afternoon tea as part of Oxfam's "Eat Local, Feed Global" which aims to raise awareness about our food choices, hunger, waste, sustainability, etc., as part of "World Food Day". 

The world produces enough food for everyone, yet 870 million people still go hungry.

We asked people to bring food/drink to share, keeping in mind sustainable, home-made, fair-trade, locally made/grown/brewed ideas. There was an amazingly delicious range of foods, which invited conversation. Our biggest 'little' friend is really into her school kitchen garden, so brought carrot sticks, beans, etc which she had helped to grow. Someone else brought gorgeous home-made soap, a lot of people brought home-made goodies, food from their own garden or from local markets or organic stores. We made pesto from our basil, mini-quiches from our eggs and herbs, cream-cheese dip from our yogurt, refreshing iced peppermint tea from our herb garden, and had 2 'growlers' (large, reusable glass bottles) of beer from our local micro-brewery. We all signed a petition for all political parties to increase our aid budget, particularly in regards to food security around the world, and raised money for Oxfam's work in finding solutions to reduce global hunger. About 50 people came, our downstairs neighbours helped. It was a beautiful afternoon!