Friday, September 20, 2013

rain and stickers

Although it was looking like we might be stuck inside, the rain stayed away, the day was gorgeous, and he had seven little friends over for a fun afternoon in the back yard. He divided his time equally between playing with his friends (including one special pal that was back in Brissy for a couple of days), playing with his auntie (mostly with stickers - he's loving stickers!) and playing on his own.

Our informal 'play group' is one of my favourite parts of each week. I adore the kiddies and really appreciate the friendships I'm forming with the parents. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to get to know so many people from around our neighbourhood (and beyond), and I love how the group started organically and has grown and evolved during the year. This week, since I had just worked out how to make a rain stick (hammering nails at different angles along the tube to slow the flow of rice/grains inside) - and since we were hosting play group, I thought the others might like to make one. The kids were intrigued and tried to be helpful with the hammers - though they were much more helpful with the stickers. The end product has a pretty good 'rain' sound, and my little munchkin loves it. Also, I got credit for all the rain the previous day.