Sunday, September 8, 2013

new sandpit

 He is happy to spend all day in there! His favourite sand activity yesterday was making hand/foot prints. Which everybody has to be a part of... "Foot print sand. Mummy foot print? Daddy foot print? Hand print?" - these are often said like questions but are actually orders which he expects to be promptly followed. I guess it's much like when we ask him questions like, "Shall we get you dressed now?"

Now that there's room for me to get down and play in the sand, I'm enjoying it a lot too. No wonder sand play is a form of therapy. You can also catch a glimpse, just above my head, of some colourful decorations that I made to hang in the tree, above the sand. I've been collecting many, many plastic lids, and finally drilled holes and strung them together. It's such a happy little corner of a happy little garden.

A year ago, we bought plastic clam shells for a sandpit, which are lovely but small (for a munchkin who loves sand as much as he does), and they soon cracked and perished. We even replaced them, but found that they just don't survive long if there's sun. We talked about building a new one for a while, but last weekend, B just got it done! Woo hoo!