Sunday, September 22, 2013

fete season


He loved the local school fete so much recently that we decided to pop into my school's fete last weekend. Like his mum, he's happy spending the majority of the time in the petting zoo. We went after he woke from his nap, so arrived just before pack-up time, but it was enough for a fete fix! I think his highlight was when our pal took him back over to the petting zoo to watch the pack-up - he was talking about it for ages afterwards!  

I was mainly there to see friends and check out some changes to the school (and, obviously, hang out in the petting zoo), but was pretty excited when I realised that pack-up time is the time for fete bargains! We walked away with much more than intended (2nd-hand clothes and a pile of awesome retro wooden puzzles), and spent much less than intended. We convinced our pal to come back to our place for dinner (with "My sister's cooking!" as enticement) and ended up eating campfire marshmallows and blondies (white choc/caramel brownies - yep, I love having my sister around!) around a fire in the back yard with our downstairs neighbours.