Friday, September 27, 2013

brisbane festival

We packed a picnic dinner and walked to the Riverstage to meet some special friends at 'Symphony Under the Stars'. I took lots of quiet-but-fun things to entertain him once the show started, but shouldn't have bothered as he was completely content, still, transfixed, sitting on his Auntie's lap, holding his battery-powered candle, and watching/listening to the orchestra for much of the time. He only broke his trance to call out "AGAIN!" after the guest tenor's performance ended. Eventually he stood up and wandered over to me, and we spent the rest of the time blowing bubbles with our friend and the girls on the picnic mat in front of us. The silent bubbles, drifting over the crowd complemented the symphony beautifully. 


 My sister and I enjoyed stumbling across some fun live music and hot pretzels.