Tuesday, September 17, 2013

annerley aquarium

We were throwing around ideas for a Sunday afternoon, post-nap, outing, and ended up taking a drive to Annerley Aquarium - we hadn't been there since he was little. He just thought the place was heaven! Floor-to-ceiling shelves full of fish tanks, fish of all shapes and sizes and colours, a few different rooms to weave and wander through, and an auntie to follow him around. And he spent some time making fishy faces for Goldie, the giant gourami, who we've been visiting there for years. 

I bought a new fish for the kitchen, I've been thinking about it for a while. He's just lovely! I'm not sure of his name, yet, as whenever we ask 'him' (baby, not fish) he gives us any of three names:
1. Goldie
2. Pudgie One Two
3. Chicken
If he doesn't decide on one of these soon, I get to make the executive decision.