Thursday, August 8, 2013

putting lots of little things together

 He's having a nap, I've just sat down for a breather. I look across the lounge room and am astounded by the breadth of mess he can make! It starts with a book or two, then the lego, ukuleles, lion, balls, blocks, blankets, musical toys, always a few random non-toys (nappy cream, crockery, remote controls)... All just little things on their own, but what a delightfully colourful mess they make when he combines them!


I've been thinking about the flights we're about to take to Alice Springs (via Cairns). I've got the usual finger puppets, stickers, books and snacks, but have made a couple more bundles of stuck-in-your-seat-for-hours-surrounded-by-strangers fun. The first is a string of wonderful beads, key rings, etc. He'll (fingers crossed!) love the mini-harmonica, the alphabet beads, the clock, the shapes, colours and moving parts. The other is a tomato filled with 20 little toys (most were lovingly selected from my own kinder surprise toy collection from many moons ago). When I was finished putting these together, B asked me whether I had more fun doing this than our little one will have playing with it. It's hard to say.