Tuesday, August 27, 2013

another cafe made for both of us!


Our very good friend frequents the Kitty and the Bean, near her place, and recently discovered that Tim plays a mini-person gig there every Friday morning. Tim Jackman's album is my munchkin's very, very favourite music. He, daily, brings the remote to me, points to the TV (where the music plays from) and says "Timmy". He's seen Timmy play many times at the library, but it's been a little while. The timing hasn't worked as well with his sleeps lately. But 9.30 am is perfect! He was fairly star-struck, and spent the gig climbing/sitting on me. The top photo shows the one time he stood up for a little (blink-and-you'll-miss-it) boogy. I'm sure he'll warm up to it as the weeks roll on! Once the gig was over, he was delighted to play with the many toys on offer.

I am excited to have a new regular Friday morning outing which involves hot drinks, lovely friends and baby cuddles.