Saturday, August 10, 2013

3.00 pm, 4.30 pm, 5.15 pm

We had 3 gatherings on our busy schedule for the afternoon: Our regular play group at 3.00pm, an after-kindy 4th birthday cake party for his big friend at 4.30pm, and an early dinner at 5.15pm with our downstairs neighbour and some friends who are doing Ramadan (they fast until 5.15, then 'break fast' as a lovely time together). It's difficult to see in this terribly blurry photo - sorry! - this beautiful little cake party: he, birthday boy and birthday boy's sister eating amazing marble treasure chest cake.

Play group, as always, was lovely. Such great people to spend time with. Birthday boy's dad made me a special coffee (still working - not very hard - on becoming a coffee drinker/appreciator), It's a quarter-shot and it's delicious. 'Break Fast' was also delicious and special. We ended up watching Malala's speech to the UN Special Assembly which was incredible. Please put aside some time to be inspired by this 16-year-old: