Thursday, July 11, 2013


He visits the museum almost every week. He is really starting to know his way around, and uses words to tell me what he's looking at, or what he's heading for. I love the commentary! He's getting so good at walking backwards as he drags open the drawer displays, that I suspect that it's the forwards/backwards which is the fun bit now, and not seeing what's inside. When we arrived at "Playasaurus Place" (to play with the dinosaurs), he told the lady working there, "Day-daaw", and she grinned and said he was the littlest person she's ever heard say, "Dinosaur". She has clearly been trained in the art of interpreting little-person-prehistoric-talk.

It is decidedly impossible for any adult to enter Playasaurus Place and leave without having "Danger, Danger, Velociraptor" playing in their head. For DAYS! It's so powerful that I know at least one friend who will, just from reading this blog post, be suffering such a fate for the foreseeable future.