Monday, July 8, 2013

neighbour loveliness

Today we are saying farewell to (more) cherished friends/housemates! This is very sad for us grown-ups, but the little guy is either being completely stoic as a coping technique or else there's a slight chance that he just doesn't realise what's going on. They came upstairs and had breakfast with him this morning, and read some stories. It was lovely.

A couple of days ago, I had a visit from our next-door neighbours, the ones who we don't know particularly well (our relationship consists of a wave 'hello' each day and a brief history of reciprocal gifting - we've taken homemade chocolates/bikkies over at Christmas and Easter, and they've brought us Taiwanese sweets, matching caps and two ceramic bride-dolls. No kidding!). Their sister's shop is closing and she has lots of food to get rid of - so a bag of it made it to our place! We'll be enjoying some gourmet dressings, curries, spreads, sunflower butter (this is what I'm most excited about!) and lollies. So generous and such lovely neighbours! If only I could remember their names... Terrible!