Tuesday, July 16, 2013

mirch masala

Without coming up for air, he quietly (but fervently) polished off half of my mango lassi while keeping his eyes peeled to the Bollywood dancing on the telly. There were also stars hanging from the ceiling, which shows that the place was decorated with him in mind!

We'd been meaning to try Mirch Masala Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant for ages! We had take-away from there recently (in the hopes that the hot curries would assist in bringing forth the imminent birth of a little munchkin who is currently loitering in my friend's big belly), and decided we needed to actually eat in. There's a very Indian grocery near our place, which is open late at night just like it would be in India, with the same gorgeous customers. To get to the restaurant, you go up the stairs behind the checkout counter. We went with our new housemates, and ordered whatever the guy behind the counter told us to.  There isn't anything from a 'normal' Indian restaurant menu - it's all 'street food'. Three of us have traveled in India but still the dishes tonight were new for us! We were stoked. We'll be back.