Monday, July 1, 2013


Earlier this year I took on a semi-voluntary role in helping to organise the Community Orientation Course which runs in West End twice a year. My first course is happening at the moment and I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of it. I very quickly re-evaluated my expectations about how much of the program I'll actually be able to be present and engaged in, with my busy toddler, but we're working on finding a happy balance. One of the earliest sessions of the course this week involved spending time reflecting on our own 'stories' and representing them visually. There could not possibly be a better activity for him to participate in! BIG sheets of paper and a generous selection of crayons, textas, pencils... He's loving exploring the community house where the course is based, and getting to know all of the friendly people. They are being very kind about his cute disruptive presence.

My friend organised a Baby First Aid course for 3 little families at her place on the Saturday. It really was a great idea. The presenter, Mick, was fun and clever. We had great food. It certainly didn't feel like a chore. It's been a while since I've done any First Aid courses so the general refresher was valuable, as well as the little-people-specific bits. He slept in their spare room for the duration (perfect!) and woke just in time to meet the CPR babies before they got packed away. He found them a little freaky but was still kind to them. What a sweetie!