Monday, June 10, 2013


I was going to quip about the giant shark at the museum which he casually called, "fish, fish". But I look at this photo and maybe I should write about the giant baby whose ear was nibbled by a tiny shark...

We lived in the USA in 2001, and managed to see my very favourite band, They Might be Giants MANY times in fun, little venues around the country. We spent some months in Europe on the way home, and saw that they were playing in London when we were there, so popped along to that, too. I'm actually pretty sure that they were intentionally following us around the globe - these things surely don't happen by coincidence, as they landed in Brisbane just after we did, so the gig here was the perfect way to catch up with some friends we hadn't seen in a year. Then they were gone. The TMBG-less months turned into years. A decade. We waited. When we heard that they were finally touring Australia again this year, we bought tickets straight away of course! Then, a week before the gig, we heard they were playing the night before, too. How could we say no?