Thursday, June 13, 2013

gatsby and grandparents

He spent the evening with his Granny and Grandpa who are visiting from Adelaide. Apparently we were "definitely not missed" and he was happily in charge for the duration. He played and read with them, then went to the kitchen table and said "Up please!" when he was ready for dinner. He played and read some more and then headed off down the hallway, saying, "Bed!" and he tried to climb into his cot!

B had free gold class movie tickets to use, so we thought that The Great Gatsby was an appropriate choice. It was my first gold class experience, and despite it all being a little weird, it was super comfortable, and I got to play with the recline and foot-rest buttons as much as I liked. Which was a lot. Also it was fun to have our wine and nachos delivered, although, as it turns out, nachos (messy and crunchy) aren't the best snack choice for dark, quiet cinemas.