Saturday, May 4, 2013

a bit of culture


 He had his daddy all to himself today. And what a day! They went for a morning walk and playground play with our friends from around the corner. Then home for a sleep, and off to school with another friend to collect his daughter from Prep, and to gather lots more signatures for our playground petition. From there they met up with more friends at another playground, and later all four of them walked in to meet me at South Bank.

I had a very productive work day, then wandered out to find them for our beloved Friday night picnic. I was quickly reminded (by the growing crowds and the thousands of fire-red lanterns) that is was Buddha's birthday / Chinese culture celebrations at South Bank, which means great food and atmosphere! So we met there instead of our usual spot by the river. I had a great deal of fun shopping for dinner at the food stalls; I wanted to try as many things as possible... Sticky rice parcel, veggie 'bun', dosa, fried tofu, dumplings...


We love that we can stumble upon such festivities, in the course of a regular Friday evening.