Sunday, April 7, 2013

read aloud

Flicking through his books (which is how he spends a great deal of his time at home) is usually a quiet activity, but he read this page aloud! I was doing something on the other side of the room, and heard him say, to himself:
"Aaaap  ....  Bah-deee". 
It sounded just like his words for apple and birdy, so I looked over, and he was staring at this page! I asked him if that is what he'd just said and he repeated it for me, then turned the page and continued his silent study of the other pages.
This was so cute that it really did hurt. Owwww....

For as long as he's been sitting at the table, eating (and playing with) solid food, I've been reading this book aloud to him. We often only get through a paragraph - or a couple of pages if we're really lucky - and sometimes go a week or more without opening it, but we're getting there. We're up to the part where they go to the fair. Charlotte is grappling with imminent big changes, while trying to protect and prepare Wilbur.
This book is one of my favourites, a 9th birthday gift. I always felt very close to Fern. Whenever I read it, I pretty much believed I was Fern, and that I could really understand the chatter and emotions of animals. Sometimes I still do.