Saturday, April 20, 2013


He's been visiting a new park lately, even ran into one of his friends there! It's quite lovely and not too far from home. Yesterday morning, he wandered over to the water bubbler to conduct a safety inspection (he'd already given the pram, the bin and some of the play equipment the 'all cear'). He was quite pleased to figure out that pulling down on that shiny lever released a satisfying stream of water. He helped himself to a slurp. And a shower. Despite needing all of his clothes and shoes changed, and hair dried, he was very pleased with the morning's discovery. Water bubbler passes inspection with flying (wet) colours!
I do love bubbles. Bubble baths, bubble blowers, bubble machines. I keep bubble bath handy and a few bubble blowers around the house (and in my bag) and am pleased that my little person now provides an excuse for my habits. My favourite story at the moment is relevant: My friend told me how he was recently stopped in a frustrating traffic jam, when someone in a car up ahead leaned out the window and started blowing bubbles! It changed my friend's mood instantly! Everyone in the surrounding cars were watching and smiling. I really should keep a bubble blower in my car, too. I have some spares!