Thursday, March 7, 2013


Despite having taken his 'first steps' months ago, it was really only in the last couple of days that he's been toddling by choice! This was his first real extended toddle - heading UP a ramp!

First Wednesday of the month, Coorparoo Bowls Club: 
UPstairs, the room is packed full of jovial ukulele enthusiasts strumming and singing and smiling from ear to ear. Downstairs, the pub regulars boogie to the snippets of decade-specific tunes while skilfully keeping their coloured markers poised over their Music Bingo cards. Arriving fashionably late, my uke pal and I passed through the downstairs on our way to our intended destination... It just looked too fun... We couldn't resist partaking in the '90s' round but still had time to head upstairs for enough of a Pete Murray / Chuck Berry jam to satisfy our uke-cravings.