Wednesday, March 27, 2013

note to cheese factories

To be truly successful in engaging (and retaining) quality customers, we believe that cheese factories must have one (or more) of the following (in addition to ample samples and a friendly face, of course):
- petting zoo
- playground
- viewing platform/window (featuring an assortment of large silver machines that move and industrious-looking people with hair nets)
- toys (well done, Maleny Cheese)
- climbing trees
- photos/info of cheese-making processes, preferable with buttons to press
- free postcards

At Maleny Cheese, on the weekend, I was having a little trouble choosing (surprising?) so I bought a 'picnic' pack (or 3)!
A very important part of this year, for me, is my involvement in a truly life-changing project, "Big Cheese 2013" in which a group of like-minded committed cheesists are engaging in an extended and rigorous cheese-research process.