Tuesday, February 12, 2013


It feels so good (and I'm not sure just why) when I find him doing a really corny, typical baby/toddler (whatever he is right now) thing. Like pulling saucepans out of the cupboard and banging on them. I just love it. So does he.

It's pancake day! Who am I to pass up a legitimate opportunity for a gathering in the back yard? We had pesto pikelets (thanks to a major excess of fresh basil from the garden - and eggs from the chickens) with cheeses and other savoury snacks, followed by  taaa-sty sweet crepes with a killer assortment of toppings provided by our pancake party guests. Who we love. Strawberries, jam, lemon, lime, sugar, passionfruit pulp, caramel sauce, choc/orange spread. Oh my. We went through 4x the above recipe.