Tuesday, January 1, 2013


He meets his friends at SLQ to have way too much fun with Hickory Dickory Rock (Tim Jackman) on Thursdays. They are among the littlest rockers at these gigs, and for quite a while he preferred to play it cool (hanging with his mates at the back and only rarely acknowledging Tim's tunes or succumbing to the party atmosphere by becoming a screaming fan). Lately, however, his sense of fandom is increasing and he's keen to make his own way to the mosh pit, stare in inspired awe at Tim, and get to know fellow punters.

Darren Hanlon Christmas gig! I stare in inspired awe, too. So clever and fun.

We all went to the Dazza gig. We took turns sitting with our big friends playing with him (and his teeny friends) at the back, which was also pretty fun. There was even a huge labrador to pat - oh the perfect gig! 

Early on, he made his way forward and plonked down in the aisle, next to the front row fans, to watch from this prime position. The song finished and he crawled even further forward, to the stage stairs, looking pretty excited. Dazza was clearly intimidated by the air of natural stardom surround the little stair-climber, so called, "Security!" but also asked him for a request. He requested hiccups. Awesome gig.