Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas x 2

Met Aunty at the airport, then to the coast for S-Family Christmas - festivities, feasting, stockings, not-so-secret-santa, cuddles and play, loveliest company and no sleep ALL DAY! 
And the family only broke 3 wine glasses. He only broke one of them.

Back to the airport 24 hours later, but this time, not as a greeter but a passenger, flying to MY home town for Z-Family Christmas week. Got to watch & hear my sis belt out some carols - one of my very favourite things each Christmas. Lots of fun with stockings, gifts, a windy beach play on Christmas arvo, achingly special catch ups with dear old friends and breathtaking meetings with teeny tiny new ones, literal bucket-loads of fresh apricots, and a week of vegetarian feasting (thanks to J and whatever magazine she found it all in).