Friday, December 7, 2012

live music

He started a drummers-only band with his big friends. They haven't agreed on a name yet, but they have already had their first ("intimate") gig (pictured above). He is enthusiastically committed and practises constantly, tapping on whatever surface is handy. The esky lid has a great tone. He also quite likes the sound quality and volume of the metal shelving trolleys at the library. I can tell by the way that all of the grown-up people browsing books nearby stop to watch and listen to his drumming that they also like the sound and are potential fans.

Saw Regina Spektor last night. She may just be the nicest performer in the world. She's been unwell this week, and the show was delayed and delayed throughout the evening; the announcer kept thanking us for our patience and saying it wouldn't be much longer... B was convinced it would be cancelled but I was sure she'd at least say 'hi'. She did! She played and sang and finished each song with a big smile and a cute 'thank you so much'. Everything was gorgeous. Our 2nd row seats (!) let us watch her hands throughout the journey. They were spectacular, I've never watched a pianist so intently before, but it was entrancing. Each time she began a new song, it was as if that first chord was heralding the beauty that was imminent - you could hear the crowd's collective breath-holding every time, and the cheer as the song unfolded.