Sunday, November 25, 2012

santa + scrooge

For my staff Christmas party this year, we registered a team in the Variety Children's Charity Fun Run. You get a Santa suit as part of your registration fee, the whole thing is walking distance from our home, and we were having a cafe breakfast afterwards, so obviously I was in. And so was my family. 

He decided he needed his energy drink just before the run began, so we spent ten minutes as pictured above, while we watched 1500-odd (quite) Santas begin, runners first, then the crowded, bouncing sea of red and white walkers. We weren't looking forward to trying to push the pram/sleigh through this to find the runners, so we took a rogue long-cut cross-country around the museum and library, down an elevator, past the theatre and cultural forecourt and joined the throng further along the river. It felt like a teeny tiny adventure. Just my kind.

It was fun and lovely, as ever, to catch up with my teacher friends who are reliably sillier than the kids as soon as the kids aren't around.

I had a great time - the run went pretty quickly. The pants were a bit of a (comedic) problem. I tore mine while bending down to pack the pram and they ended up looking like a skirt (making me the most stylish and feminine Santa present). B just found them irritating to keep on but ended up not being able to get them off.

As we headed off up the street on foot at 6am, Caffeine-deprived Scrooge grumbled, "It's not even frickin' December yet". He perked up a little.