Thursday, November 1, 2012


Oh you little clown! He also had a painted red nose. Which only took 3 tries.

I found this note in our mailbox. A family has just moved to our neighbourhood from acreage somewhere far, far away, and the boy is very excited about trick-or-treating now that they are living in suburbia. Reluctantly, the Mum is allowing him to do it, but asked that people tie a black streamer (which she provided with the note) to their doors if they want a visit from her "Little Dracula". I was just so impressed with her approach, and thought it might be a great way to meet some friendly neighbours, that I thought I might just get over my hangups about the idea and tag along. It was lovely! One mum ended up putting on a party for all of the families beforehand, then everyone set off together to visit the homes of each of the families. I met a dozen parents and loved carrying my lilttle clown around. My mum and dad sat out the front of our place with lollies. B even met us on his way home from the train and joined in. He came dressed as a grown-up. And our housemates passed us, dressed as fit people.